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San Franciscans and visitors alike have a new way to explore San Francisco: without the hillsOn the Level SF booklets let walkers get the most out of exploring San Francisco by foot, and each includes a description of the area, a map, color photos, and points of interest. 


These self-guided walking tour booklets are the  perfect gift for wedding guests . . . 

in the room/gift basket 

at the rehearsal dinner/table decoration (tie with a ribbon and a flower)   

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in advance of the wedding for out-of-town guests

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Golden Gate Bridge / Fort Point 

     A wedding at The Palace of Fine Arts . . .


This walk leads you across San Francisco's most recognized landmark, the majestic Golden Gate Bridge, and to one of the city's lesser known but fascinating sites, Fort Point, which sits in the shadow of the bridge.  A side-trip to Fort Point, a Civil War-era fort modeled after Fort Sumter, includes its fascinating history and the story of the bridge's graceful arch that was designed to preserve this historic structure. 



Golden Gate Park 


    A wedding in Golden Gate Park . . .

This three-in-one self-guided walking tour lets you explore Stow Lake, Strybing Arboretum, and Spreckels Lake as three separate excursions -- each a mile or less -- or spend the day and visit them all.  Each walk has a unique flavor, but the synergy of the three walks plus the Introduction to Golden Gate Park gives you a complete historical and modern day perspective of the whole park. 


Lake.jpg (24387 bytes)


Cow Hollow 

     Lodging at the Bed and Breakfast Inn . . .
     a Calvary Church wedding . . .
     a reception at Schools of the Sacred Heart


This walk, featuring Victorians and the colorful history of Cow Hollow, explores Green Street from Van Ness to Fillmore.  With Union Street shops and restaurants only one block away, this one-hour walk can be easily expanded to fill a day.  Cow Hollow is so named for the dairy farms which dominated the area in the 1860's.  This walk offers intriguing facts about the area's history and its transition to today's upscale neighborhood. 


Pacific Heights West

PHW_Cover_2.jpg (50611 bytes)


     Lodging at Hotel Drisco . . .
     a Swedenborgian Church wedding . . .


This walk of less than a mile follows a path along well-maintained city sidewalks. This walk offers incredible views, gardens in bloom year round and a look at the homes of the rich and famous. This booklet is full of facts about the history, the designers and the early owners of the huge homes along the route.


 Yerba Buena Gardens 

YBG_Cover__2.jpg (84271 bytes)


     Lodging downtown (near St. Patrick's) . . . 
     a St. Patrick's wedding . . .


The Gardens and surrounding cultural opportunities offer a quiet oasis in the middle of busy downtown San Francisco. This area was designed to be completely accessible to walkers, wheelchairs and strollers. Here you'll find a rich variety of artwork, flowers and water works.  


Pacific Heights East

PHE_Cover_2.jpg (33353 bytes)


     Lodging at Jackson Court B&B . . . 
     a Calvary Church wedding . . .
     a reception at Schools of the Sacred Heart

This mile long route highlights history, architecture and current use of some of San Francisco's finest Victorians with glimpses of views and gorgeous gardens as well. This walk suggests looking for architectural details on the homes - the entryways, tile work, finials (tops of buildings), decorative trim. 


Fort Mason

FMF_Cover_2.jpg (47153 bytes)


     A Fort Mason Officers Club wedding or reception. . .

As a park and historical Army base, this area has something for everyone. Kids will enjoy playing on the rolling hills of the meadow. The panoramic views of the Bay delight young and old alike.  History is abundant - everything from cannons to Victorians to plaques showing the area covered with tents as it looked after the 1906 earthquake.




How will your guests use the walking tour booklets? 

To familiarize themselves with the neighborhood/area around the church 

To take the walk during free time before or after the wedding 

To keep as a souvenir (booklets are lightweight and pocketsize, easy to pack) 


Why would you include On The Level walking tours as part of your event? 

The booklets are unique, colorful and useful 

They are affordable 

The walks can accommodate everyone (wheelchair accessible -- no hills or steps!)

The walks are offered by a local individually-owned business whose main objectives are to show off San Francisco (the city I love) and to help people of all abilities enjoy the city


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