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Golden Gate Bridge  2000 Marilyn StrakaABOUT THE EXCURSIONS

ON THE LEVEL - San Francisco Excursions is a licensed San Francisco business, founded in 1999 and currently home-based.  Its primary goal is to share the joys of walking in San Francisco with people of all abilities, ages and interests.

ON THE LEVEL - San Francisco Excursions offers self-guided and guided walks:

  • Each self-guided walk is designed as a free-standing booklet with color photos, an historical and introductory description of the area and a map to guide you to the points of interest. Self-guided walks are described further here

  • Free guided walks are offered each month.  And, guided walks can be scheduled to meet your timing and can be customized to meet your individual interests and needs.  Guided walks are described further here.

  • Below you'll find a map and a list of all ON THE LEVEL self-guided and guided walks.

  "ON THE LEVEL" does have a double meaning as you may have guessed!

All ON THE LEVEL excursions are short, level walks of one mile or less AND they have no hills or steps.

All ON THE LEVEL excursions have been tested for safety and accessibility for wheelchairs, strollers, and walkers.  They have been thoroughly researched and are visited often to assess changes.  Hopefully, they will offer you only good surprises!



All excursions available as guided walks.
*indicates a self-guided booklet is also available and links to the walk description.

#  1   Marina Green (free here on website)

Golden Gate Bridge

3   Palace of Fine Arts

#  4   Pacific Heights East*

5   Pacific Heights West*

6   Fort Point*

#  7   Yerba Buena Gardens*

#  8   Mountain Lake Park  

#  9   Aquatic Park  

#10   Embarcadero  

#11   Levi's Plaza  

#12   Golden Gate Park - Spreckels Lake*

#13   Golden Gate Park - Arboretum*  

#14   Golden Gate Park - Stow Lake*  

#15   Fort Funston  

#16   Sutro Heights Park  

#17   Cow Hollow  *

#18   Fort Mason*

#19   Presidio History Walk  

#20   Lobos Dunes Boardwalk  

 Marina Green Promenade    2000  Marilyn Straka


Presidio   2000  Marilyn Straka


Strybing Arboretum   2000 Marilyn Straka


Embarcadero  2000 Marilyn Straka


The ON THE LEVEL locator map displays the locations of Excursions 1 through 20. 

Exploring San Francisco on the Level,  Marilyn Straka  2000  Map by Ben Pease

Exploring San Francisco on the Level, Marilyn Straka 2000

Map by Ben Pease 
|   Larger printable map



Muni is San Francisco's mass transit system. When more than one bus/trolley line is given below, any of the routes can get you to the start of the walk. BART is Bay Area Rapid Transit and can bring you to San Francisco from many areas outside of San Francisco.

Muni and BART access to get to the start of a walk:  

1 Marina Green

Muni #28 - Beach and Buchanan

Muni #22 - Fillmore and Marina Blvd. 

Muni #43 - Chestnut & Fillmore

2 Golden Gate Bridge

Muni #28 and #29 - Bridge parking lot

3 Palace of Fine Arts

Muni #30 - Jefferson and Broderick

Muni #28 - Baker and Richardson

Muni #43 - Baker and Lombard

4 Pacific Heights - East

Muni #22 - Broadway and Fillmore

Muni #3 and #24 - Jackson and Fillmore

5 Pacific Heights - West

6 Fort Point

7 Yerba Buena Gardens

Muni #14 - Mission and Third St.

Muni or BART - Powell or Montgomery stations

8 Mountain Lake Park

Muni #2 - Clement and Funston

Muni #38 - Geary and Funston

9 Aquatic Park

Muni #19 - Beach and Polk

Muni #42 and #30 - Van Ness and North Point

10 Embarcadero

Muni or BART - Embarcadero station

11 Levi's Plaza

Muni #42 - Battery or Sansome

12 Golden Gate Park - Spreckles Lake

Muni #5 - Fulton and 36th Ave.

Muni #31 - Balboa and 36th Ave.

13 Golden Gate Park - Arboretum

Muni #44 and #71 - Lincoln Way and 9th Ave.

Muni #N Judah - at 9th Ave.

14 Golden Gate Park - Stow Lake

15 Fort Funston

Muni #18 - Skyline Blvd. at John Muir Drive

16 Sutro Heights Park

Muni #38 - 48th and Point Lobos Ave.

17 Cow Hollow

Muni #42, 47, 49 - Van Ness and Union St.

18 Upper Fort Mason

Muni #42, 47, 49 and #30 - Van Ness and North Point

19 Presidio History Walk

Muni #29 - Lincoln or Funston

20 Lobos Dunes Boardwalk

Muni #29 - Lincoln and Bowley St.

Note: Check a map for the exact location of these stops. The nearest stop may not be at the start of the excursion. Contact Muni or BART to obtain the latest information regarding special needs access.



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